GTA 6 may be headed to the land of Vice

When the teaser for GTA 5 was released, gamers everywhere stopped breathing. It was the moment we had all been waiting for. Months of anticipation and appreciation for the gaming series came to a halt in that moment- so it can only be imagined how the fanbase will be when the teaser to GTA 6 is finally dropped.

It’s now been 7 years since we’ve seen any release from the series, and fans were beginning to get worried we wouldn’t see another game. In the past when games have been successful (and there’s no denying the success of GTA 5) there has always been a follow up release to build anticipation- such as Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. And with GTA 4 having revisited Liberty City and GTA 5 in Los Santos, it only seems like common sense that we’re about to stumble across a remastered version of Vice City.

This thought was elevated during the superbowl a few days ago, with a fan posting this on Twitter:

The fonts and style used to advertise are exactly those that were used during the original Vice City game- a game that may have sparked controversy but was beloved by many. The font also used in the BBC trailer was the Vice City font- a clear nod to the game.

This letter was also leaked on Social Media, but at the moment it is unclear whether this is a genuine letter, or a fake mock up.

From a gamers perspective, a remastered Vice City would have so much potential. The sunny landscape, the tall buildings and blistering beach. Because the other games were set in the 80’s, it will be interesting to see how the style and aesthetic of the location will have changed, that’s if they choose for it to be set in modern times.

Other locations that could be potential are San Fierro and Las Venturas, although as they featured in San Andreas and that’s what GTA 5 was loosely based on, that is more unlikely.

It will be fascinating to see whether we see any kind of reveal in 2020, and if we do, what game Rockstar intend to bring us.

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